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If a black hole was nothing, it could not exist
What is the nothing?
“The nothing” does not exist for definition, if there exist would not be “the nothing” but would be “something” and only in this case would have been created.
“the nothing” is something that can not be transformed, not existing and have absence dimensional.
If a space is completely empty that space exists and has a size and is measurable, so that spece is not “the nothing”.
But if this space had a border would mean that this space has a limited and there is an outside at that border.

If a black hole is “the nothing” it could not exist.

the explosion of the Big Bang from which they say was born life was a conglomeration of various rocks and energy, which erupted there and then were created before they can explode and science can not explain.
So how then can not explain where it comes from each material created by the big bang, including a single pebble that you see on the street as a subject in theory is part of the original big bang from which is assumed to have had early life .
The science can groped to bend the evolution of these transformations that led to the birth of the sun and planets but can not explain where they were born as initial matter before processing due to the explosion.
So science does not even know how it was created a single pebble and wants to teach us things we do not know.

Explosion of “the nothing” can’t create anything and can’t explode, because it don’t exist.
They claim that the explosion created the universe, but there may Directory to be the explosion there must be something that explodes, and if there is anything that explodes there is something that exists and exploding, and if there is something that exists and explodes it must be created in some way.
Otherwise it is assumed that you can create something from nothing, that is, it is assumed that the non-existent can create the existing.
But if this statement were true all laws used by science are throw in the trash
So science throw in the trash itself, exactly the opposite of what they want to teach us today, that science could explain everything.
Starting with the law of conservation of mass, should be straight to the trash.
In short, the science would say that a pebble can create from “the nothing”, that is something that does not exist.